Advocates say women in CA prisons are “sitting ducks” during Covid-19; National Bail Out is freeing black mamas from jails and supporting them on the outside

0:08 – The Supreme Court heard arguments in three cases on May 12 about whether President Trump’s tax returns can be subpoenaed. We speak with Erwin Chemerinsky, a constitutional law scholar and dean of Berkeley Law.

0:20 – California prisoners are continuing to perish from the coronavirus in crowded and unsafe conditions. In one women’s prison, guards introduced the virus to prison workers who were manufacturing masks. Formerly incarcerated activists like the California Coalition for Women Prisoners are calling on the state to release prisoners and prevent more deaths. Susan Bustamante, an advocate who is formerly incarcerated for 31 years and survived a sentence of life without parole, joins us.

0:34 – The National Bail Out to #FreeBlackMamas has been working around the clock, including on Mother’s Day weekend, to post bail for incarcerated women and caregivers, reunite them with their families and support them upon release. Titilayo Rasaki of Essie Justice Group (@essie4justice) gives an update on how the campaign is going.

1:08 – Biology professor Erin Bromage of the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth recently published a widely-shared blog post summarizing scientific findings on Covid-19. He joins us to talk about what scientific research has told us about the amount of virus that can be shared through talking, singing, and various indoor and outdoor activities and interactions.

1:34 – We turn back to someone we’ve been following for the past few weeks – Darryl Geyer. In part one, we followed Darryl when he was released from “deplorable” conditions in Santa Rita Jail and lands in a motel room paid for by a local organization. In today’s installment, we hear about what happens when he starts to feel sick. Lucy Kang (@ThisIsLucyKang) reports. Read/listen to the story here.

Photo by Daniel Arauz.

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