The power’s out at Chernobyl; Deadly Hong Kong COVID wave; Plus the DOJ prosecutes capitol rioters

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, 2016. | Image by Adam Jones is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

On today’s show:

0:08 – Shaun Burnie (@ShaunBurnie), senior nuclear specialist with Greenpeace East Asia. He joins us from Scotland to discuss the power outages at Chernobyl.

0:26 – Jehlen Herdman, KPFA reporter, brings us a story about Ukrainian refugee Tatiana Poladko, who fled with her family to Warsaw, Poland. See the full story here.

0:33 – Au Loong-Yu, a founder of Globalization Monitor, a Hong Kong-based group which monitors labor conditions in China; and author of Hong Kong in Revolt: The Protest Movement and the Future of China joins us from London to discuss the COVID waves in Hong Kong and China.

0:45 – Dean Baker (@DeanBaker13), senior economist at the Center for Economic and Policy Research joins us to discuss the downstream impacts of China’s manufacturing slowdowns.

1:08 – Michael Kunzelman (@Kunzelman75), a reporter for the Associated Press joins us to discuss the Department of Justice’s prosecution of the capitol rioters.

1:33 – Matthew Stewart discusses his book The 9.9 Percent: The New Aristocracy That Is Entrenching Inequality and Warping Our Culture.


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