One year COVID-19 pandemic anniversary: where we were, where we are, and lessons learned (or not), with journalists, mutual aid groups, and listener calls

0:08 – Looking back on one year in pandemic: how the Bay Area locked down, March 17 2020

Erin Allday (@erinallday) is a health reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle who has been reporting extensively on the coronavirus outbreak in California.

0:23 – The pandemic wealth boom

Omar Ocampo is a researcher for the Program on Inequality and the Common Good, with the Institute on Policy Studies (@IPS_DC). 

0:34 – Listener calls: One year later, where are we? How has the pandemic impacted your life?

1:08 – How did local governments do? What’s changed?

Joe Eskenazi (@EskSF) is managing editor and columnist at Mission Local, based in San Francisco.

Ashley McBride (@ashleynmcb) is an education reporter with the Oaklandside

Tim Sheehan (@TimSheehanNews) is a data reporter with the Fresno Bee.

1:34 – What’s come of COVID Mutual aid?

Tur Ha Ak is the founder of Community Ready Corps (CRC) a liberation organization that combats white supremacy and actively builds and supports self-determination. 

1:43 – Celeste Gomez is the Oakland Undocumented Relief Fund coordinator, with Centro Legal de la Raza. 

1:51 – Brad Erickson is the executive director of the Theater Bay Area, organizing the Performing Arts Workers Relief Fund.