Revisiting the Federal Highway Act of 1956 with Professor Ed Blakely; Plus, Oakland A’s face opposition to building a waterfront baseball stadium at Howard Terminal

On this show:

0:08 — We revisit the Federal Highway Act of 1956, legislation that helped divide communities of color. We’re joined by Professor Ed Blakely, former City and Regional Planner at UC Berkeley and a globally recognised expert in urban planning, transport and economic development. He is currently Permanent Visiting Professor at the University of Venice, Italy.

0:33 — Today, the Oakland Coliseum has deteriorated since it was first built. What should be developed in this location? In this segment, we discuss the Waterfront Ballpark District Project — a proposition from Oakland Athletics to build a new multi-purpose waterfront Major League Baseball stadium and a mixed-use development — with Mike Jacobs, General Counsel and Vice President of the Pacific Merchant Shipping Association. He represents the East Oakland Stadium Alliance, a collective of local business, community leaders, labor unions and advocates who oppose building a baseball stadium at Howard Terminal.

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