Black workers are in crisis amid soaring unemployment; Oakland’s City Council votes against significantly defunding police; Covid-19 cases spike in Bay Area

0:08 – New unemployment numbers are out – and they show over 2 million people have filed or applied for some type of assistance.

Heidi Shierholz is director of policy at the Economic Policy Institute and former chief economist at the Department of Labor.

Steven Pitts is Associate Chair at the UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education, where he focuses on Black workers and organizing.

0:34 – After an outpouring of community calls for the Oakland Police Department to be defunded, what was in the budget that Oakland City Council members ultimately voted to approve on Tuesday? We’re joined by Darwin BondGraham, news editor who reported on the vote at Oaklandside.

0:42 – Oakland City Councilmember Dan Kalb, who voted “abstain” on Tuesday’s budget amendment vote on lesser cuts to the Oakland Police Department, joins us to discuss the vote Tuesday. We also speak to liz suk, political director for Oakland Rising, which has decried the vote and says the council ignored community demands for investment in services instead of policing.

1:08 – Covid-19 cases are spiking in the Bay Area. Dr. Noha Aboelata, founder and CEO of Roots Community Health Center, raises the alarm about the absence of government contact tracing and says providers are concerned about the surge in infections in Oakland’s most impacted neighborhoods.

1:34 – The Supreme Court this morning ruled that asylum seekers do not enjoy the right of habeas corpus to access federal courts to appeal their claims. Erwin Chemerinsky, constitutional law scholar and dean of Berkeley Law (@BerkeleyLaw), discusses the ruling as well as the increased power of federal appeals courts, as the Supreme Court adjudicates fewer cases.