Conservative Democrat Joe Manchin proposes changes to landmark voting rights legislation; Cal/OSHA revises COVID guidelines to match the rest of the state; a new photo exhibit takes us back to the days of early HIV/AIDS activism; Plus, two union drives across the UC system and at a chocolate factory in San Francisco

On today’s show:
0:08 – We begin in Washington with HR-1, the landmark voting rights legislation which passed the House and has stymied in the Senate because of one Democratic Senator who is determined to work with Republicans. John Nichols (@NicholsUprising) joins us to discuss the contours of the bill and Republican opposition to it.
0:33 – Dr. John Swartzberg, joins us again to talk about the latest COVID science, Cal/OSHA’s latest changes to workplace procedures; a new study on COVID’s impact on the human brain; whether people should get a booster shot; and what it will take to get to zero cases
1:08 – We revisit the early days of activism against HIV/AIDS with Rick Gerharter, a longtime photojournalist based in the San Francisco who was on hand during the Sixth International Conference on AIDS 41 years ago. Liz Highleyman (@LizHIVHep), an independent medical journalist and editor who focuses on HIV, cancer, and public health also joins us to discuss a forthcoming photo exhibition at the SFPL Civic Center Main Library When the Conference Heard from the Street: Scenes from the Sixth International Conference on AIDS, 1990
1:34 – Aarthi Sekar (@aarthi_ds), a graduate researcher in genetics and genomics at UC Davis joins us to talk about the push by over 10,000 student researchers, trainees, fellows, and more from across the UC system and Lawrence Livermore National Lab to form a union with UAW.
1:45 – Recently laid off workers at Dandelion Chocolate Factory, Christine Keating, Lead Chocolate Educator and Kenneth Cabrera, Barista and Cafe Associate say they were terminated this month in retaliation for attempting to unionize. Their management denies it.
Dandelion Chocolate Factory, 740 Valencia Street, by rulenumberone2 is licensed under CC BY 2.0


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