How are protests against police violence impacting the 2020 election? Plus, Judicial Council repeals zero bail policy

0:08 – Arisha Hatch, Vice President and Chief of Campaigns at Color Of Change, discusses the impact of George Floyd’s murder and the subsequent protests on the 2020 elections, and the political opportunities that have opened up. She says the protests have “dramatically changed the conversation” for candidates on the local, state, and national levels.

0:18 – On Friday, the Trump administration removed healthcare protections for transgender people — but on Monday, the Supreme Court ruled to prevent discrimination of LGBTQ workers. Janetta Johnson, executive director at the Transgender Gender-Variant & Intersex Justice Project, or TGI Justice Project, explains the implications of this mixed bag of decisions impacting the transgender community. She’s been an activist for over 23 years and previously survived three and a half years in federal prison, where she advocated for her rights as an incarcerated transgender person.

0:33 – The number of new COVID-19 cases reported in the Bay Area has been rising steadily in recent weeks. We’re joined by Erin Allday (@erinallday), a health reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle who has been reporting extensively on the coronavirus outbreak in California, for more on COVID-19 trends and to answer listener questions.

1:08 – The Judicial Council enacted eleven emergency measures to reduce the prison population in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Among these measures: setting bail to $0 for low-level offenses. But this measure is set to be revoked. Brendon Woods (@BrendonWoodsPD), public defender for Alameda County, explains how zero bail works, including in the context of racial justice protests.

1:26 – Hundreds of racial justice protesters joined community activists early on Monday morning to make house calls to three Oakland city councilmembers’ homes. In anticipation of Oakland’s 2020-2021 mid-cycle budgeting process, protestors called on their elected officials to defund the Oakland Police Department by at least 50 percent. KPFA’s Chris Lee (@chrislee_xyz) reports.

1:33 – What would new models of safety in schools look like? Jackie Byers, director of the Black Organizing Project, joins us for a discussion on the national push to remove police from school districts, and what should replace law enforcement. She highlights efforts to get police out of schools in Oakland, as well as elsewhere across the country.

1:47 – Nikki Fortunato Bas (@nikki4oakland), councilmember representing Oakland District 2, is proposing to cut $25 million from the Oakland Police Department, up for a vote today in Oakland City Council. She explains what she hopes for her proposal to accomplish.

1:54 – An encampment of unhoused people in Antioch was scheduled to be demolished Monday, and its residents’ belongings confiscated and unregistered vehicles towed. The camp of nearly 20 people has been growing in size since early January and is situated in the mostly industrial East end of the city. Camp residents were issued a 72 hour notice on Thursday and have been scrambling to try and get their belongings together and get out if they can. KPFA’s Frank Sterling reports.


Photo by Tom Arthur.