Biden campaign staffers sign onto mass letter for Palestine; Novavax says its vaccine is 90% effective; Plus: Examining the ADL’s claims of anti-Semitism

Image: Over 500 former staffers on Joe Biden’s presidential campaign co-signed a letter demanding President Biden take steps to end Israel’s occupation of Palestine and ethnic cleansing in neighborhoods like Sheikh Jarrah.

On this show:

0:08 – John Nichols (@NicholsUprising) joins us to talk about Biden’s infrastructure bill and Democrats’ frustration with the filibuster. Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins takes aim at state coronavirus stimulus to fund infrastructure and bipartisan debate over the bill reveals existing ideological differences in the Democratic Party.

0:34 – Dr. John Swartzberg, clinical professor emeritus of infectious diseases at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health, joins us again to take your calls on Covid-19. He talks about results from the Novavax vaccine study, who’s left out of herd immunity figures, how to talk to family members who refuse to get vaccinated against Covid, and more.

1:08 – Two former Biden campaign staffers talk about creating the sign-on letter where hundreds of former staffers signed on to demand President Biden take stronger action to protect Palestinian rights and oppose Israel’s war on Gaza – Heba Mohammed and Matan Arad-Neeman talk about the process of speaking out for Palestine and the silence that still exists within the Biden administration and the ranks of the Democratic Party.

1:34 – Mari Cohen of Jewish Currents addresses the ADL’s claims that anti-Semitism rose during protests in solidarity with Palestine. Read Mari’s piece here: A Closer Look at the ‘Uptick’ in Antisemitism

1:49 – Plus, we talk with Guatemalan Bay Area-based artist Maya Chinchilla and CentralAmeriCaribbean scholar-activist Lulu Matute about Central American Unicorns in Space! A Digital Cabaret. It’s part of the National Queer Arts Festival. This event is tonight, Monday, June 14, 2021 – tickets are available here.

photo: Manny Becerra via Unsplash

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