Republicans seek to pass legislation to suppress critical race theory pedagogy; the President of the Oakland A’s says short of a new waterfront ballpark, the team could move to Las Vegas

0:08 – The Florida board of education voted to prevent public schools from teaching critical race theory; an effort led by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis as a way to prevent history that would “denigrate the founding fathers” and “teaches kids to hate their country. Florida is one of a dozen of states seeking to pass similar legislation to suppress the teaching of critical race theory. John Nichols (@JohnNichols), Washington correspondent for the Nation joins us to talk about the persistence of white supremacy and why it should be talked about in schools.

0:33 – Oakland’s last remaining major league team wants to stay in Oakland, on one condition: if they can build a new ballpark. They want to abandon their current location in the East Oakland Coliseum Complex to erect a new waterfront ballpark in Oakland’s Howard Terminal area. Last week, we spoke with Mike Jacob, who serves as Vice President of the Pacific Merchant Shipping Organization who opposes the project. This week, we speak with the originators of the project. Dave Kaval (@DaveKaval), President of the Oakland A’s joins us to talk about where the A’s would go should the Oakland City Council vote to reject their proposal in July; and should the city approve it, the possible revenue benefit captured by the city which could go on to fund critical municipal projects such as hardening infrastructure against sea level rise.

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