Oakland school closures and community resistance; Plus, the real world of gene editing with Kevin Davies

Community members and school staff have taken over Oakland’s Parker Elementary School after the District closed it last week | Jesse Strauss

0:08 – We focus on the Oakland Unified School District’s plans to close schools, with teachers and activists who have taken over Parker Elementary School which was slated to be closed on May 25th. The occupiers are now hosting summer programming for kids as well as community events at the school site, with a presence around the clock. We are joined by Misty Cross, one of the activists involved in the occupation, and we also bring in the voices of two district staff who’ve been affected by this year’s closures and closure attempts – Timothy Killings, who works at Westlake Middle School, and Elisabeth Bailey Barnett, who worked at Community Day School until its closure last week.

0:33 – Hintil Kuu Ca is Oakland’s only Native American child development center, across the street from Carl B. Munck Academy – another Oakland school slated for closure. We speak with Shirley Guevara, Teacher and former school site manager at Hintil Kuu Caa, who worked there for over 30+ years.

1:08 – Exploring the real world of gene editing, which sometimes crosses ethical lines and leans us just a little bit closer to a world of science fiction, we speak with Kevin Davies (@kevinadavies), editor of the CRISPR Journal (@CRISPRjournal) whose latest book is Editing Humanity: The CRISPR Revolution and the New Era of Genome Editing.

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