Workers walk out for Black health at Highland Hospital; Millions face “income cliff” with pandemic benefits set to disappear; Cat Brooks interviews Oakland’s police chief

Alameda Health System workers and AHS-SEIU 1021 members stage a walk-out for Black health and vitality, on the day of a nationwide #StrikeForBlackLives. Photo: Chris Lee

On this show:

0:08 – Mitch Jeserich joins us for “Mondays with Mitch.” He is the host of Letters and Politics, weekdays at 10.

0:34 – We take your Covid-19 calls with John Swartzberg, clinical professor emeritus of infectious diseases at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health.

1:20 – Workers are carrying out a Strike for Black Health and Vitality today at Alameda Health Systems locations, including Highland Hospital. For more we talk with Sheleka Carter, a community health outreach worker/advocate at Highland Hospital’s Sexual Assault Response and Recovery Team, and Chapter Secretary of Alameda Health System SEIU 1021.

1:34 – We talk about crime rates in Oakland with Darwin BondGraham (@DarwinBondGraha), news editor at Oaklandside.

1:48 – Susan Manheimer, interim chief of the Oakland Police Department, talks with Cat Brooks about crime and policing.

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