Special on Violence in Oakland: Nikki Jones on Black public health; faith leaders on violence prevention; Councilmember Fife debunks myths about the police budget; Plus — disinvestment and consequences with the legendary Mistah F.A.B.

Redlining Map from the Redlining Archive of California’s Exclusionary Spaces

Today: a whole show on violence in Oakland. What’s happening and where do we go from here?

0:08 – Nikki Jones (@socprofjones), a Professor of African American Studies at UC Berkeley joins us to discuss what to make of the increase in violence – homicides, aggravated assaults, domestic violence; not just in Oakland, but across the country.

0:34 – We talk violence prevention with Pastor Mike McBride (@impastormike_) and Reverend Ben McBride (@benmcbride). The McBride brothers are natives of San Francisco with four decades in the ministry between them. Together, they relaunched Oakland’s Operation Ceasefire which used revenue from Measure Z to fund a partnership between police and community-based organizations which did successfully reduce gun violence. District 3 Councilmember Carroll Fife (@carroll_fife) also joins us to debunk some myths that have been circulating around Oakland’s budget reallocation.

1:08 – Demario “Rio” Lewis, a graphic designer in Oakland and member of the Determination Black Men’s Group at Urban Peace Movement as well as Sikander Iqbal, Deputy Director of Urban Peace Movement join us to talk about violence and its impact on families and survivors. Dr. Noha Aboelata (@NohaAboelataMD), founder and CEO of Roots Community Health Center also joins us to discuss desensitization and other emotional tolls of violence.

1:25 – We discuss the impact of violence on young people with Jada White, a youth activist with the East Oakland Youth Development Center as well as Selena Wilson, Vice President of Organizational Effectiveness at the East Oakland Youth Development Center.

1:34 – White and Wilson stay on with us as we discuss the cultural implications of disinvestment, and how to halt the cycle of violence with Gary “Malachi” Scott, Community and Re-entry Restorative Justice Coordinator at Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth (RJOY) who works to interrupt violence with a restorative justice, trauma-informed approach;
and Mistah F.A.B. (@Mistah FAB), celebrated Oakland-based rapper, producer, and community organizer.

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