The latest on tensions between Russia and Ukraine; Study estimates $156B racial gap in home appraisals; Berkeley takes up TOPA; Plus groups urge ICE to release Enrique Cristobal Meneses

Aerial view of the 23rd Avenue Community Building in Oakland’s San Antonio district. Tenants at the live work space successfully raised funds in partnership with the Oakland Community Land Trust to purchase the property after the landowner decided to sell it in 2017. The City of Berkeley is considering a Tenants Opportunity to Purchase Act, which would offer this practice to more tenants in an effort to preserve affordable housing. | Image by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission

On today’s show:

0:08 – Conn Hallinan, military analyst and former columnist for Foreign Policy in Focus joins us to discuss the latest developments on the Russian border with Ukraine.

0:33 – We discuss racial discrimination in home appraisals, a practice which has been described by some observers as “present day redlining” with Lauren Hepler (@LAHepler), a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle who covers housing and neighborhood retail for their race and equity team and Morgan Williams, General Counsel for the National Fair Housing Alliance.

1:08 – Sarah Scruggs, Stewardship & Education Coordinator and Co-Director of Policy at Northern California Land Trust joins us to discuss Berkeley’s Tenants Right to Purchase Act or TOPA proposal.

Link to supporters’ website: https://yes2topa.org

1:33 – Immigrant rights advocates sent a sign on letter to Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials urging the swift release of Enrique Cristobal Meneses. Sandy Valenciano, an Oakland-based community organizer with the #FreeEnrique team and Francisca Porchas Coronado, Director and Founder of the Latinx Therapists Action Network join us to discuss.


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