More on inflation; Across the country, students walkout; COVID Update on Santa Rita Jails; Plus direct actions taking place on MLK Day

Rally honoring Martin Luther King, Jr., Central Park, New York City, April 1968. | Library of Congress – Photographer: Bernard Gotfryd

On today’s show:

0:08 – We continue our inflation discussion with Dean Baker (@DeanBaker13), senior economist at the Center for Economic Policy and Research.

0:34 – Lexi McMenamin (@leximcmenamin), News & Politics Editor at Teen Vogue and Keith Brown, President of the Oakland Education Association (@OaklandEA) join us to discuss the student walkouts organized in Oakland and at schools across the U.S.

1:08 – Darby Aono (@darbyaono), student at Berkeley Law joins us to discuss the torrent of COVID cases inside Santa Rita Jail.

1:20 – Sergeant Ray Kelly, spokesperson with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office joins us.

1:34 – Tur-Ha Ak, Field Marshall for the Black Panther Party Cubs, co-founder of the Anti Police-Terror Project, and Founder of the Community Ready Corps; and Asantewaa Boykin, a Registered Nurse, co-founder of the Anti Police Terror Project, and program director of MH First Sacramento (@MHFirst Sac) join us to discuss the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr and the events taking place in Oakland and Sacramento to reclaim Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Details about Monday’s car caravan in Oakland can be found on APTP’s website: Reclaim MLK 2022


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