Ukraine Invasion, COVID Updates, and Climate Science; Plus Fund Drive special with Andrew Knoll

Map of Russian attacks in Ukraine from Feb 24 to Feb 28, 2022 | Wikimedia

On today’s show:

0:08 – John Feffer (@johnfeffer), director of Foreign Policy in Focus, discusses most recent updates from the war in Ukraine: Nuclear threats, the Biden Administration’s response, Putin’s NATO fears and the potential outcomes of talks between Ukraine and Russia today.

0:33 – Dr. John Swartzberg, clinical professor emeritus of infectious diseases at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health joins us to discuss the latest COVID science and answer listener questions.

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FUND DRIVE SPECIAL – Pledge $150 and receive a copy of Andrew Knoll’s A Brief History of Earth: Four Billion Years in Eight Chapters.

1:08 – We spend the second hour with Andrew Knoll, professor of Natural History and of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Harvard, who just won the Crafoord Prize in Geosciences. He discusses the carbon footprint of humans on our planet over time and what the climate could look like in the future.