Remembering Jessica Williams; reforming the jury selection process to root out racism; and Joelle Gamble on the economic stimulus workers need now

On this show:

0:08 – We talk about the economy, the unemployment crisis and the lack of economic stimulus for workers with two guests: Dean Baker is senior economist at the Center for Economic and Policy Research, and Joelle Gamble is a principal at the Reimagining Capitalism initiative at Omidyar Network and on the Board of Directors of the Roosevelt Institute.

0:34 – New reporting from Joe Eskenazi, managing editor and columnist at Mission Local, based in San Francisco, exposed major problems with the state electronic disease reporting system, called CalREDIE, that have caused mass underreporting of Covid cases in counties across California.

0:44 – Our reporter Lucy Kang (@ThisIsLucyKang) spoke with the family of Jessica Williams, shot and killed by a San Francisco PD officer in the Bayview. They remember Jessica’s life.

1:08 – Brendon Woods, public defender for Alameda County, joins us to talk about legislation from lawmaker Shirley Weber to prohibit racism in jury selections.

1:35 – We air selections from Cat Brooks’ conversation with Patrisse Cullors, author of “When They Call You A Terrorist.”