What happened when Border Patrol violently raided a humanitarian camp for migrants? Plus, Covid-19 spreads in Mesa Verde detention center & unlawful evictions continue in Imperial County

Photo of militarized Border Patrol raid courtesy of No More Deaths

On this show:

0:08 – Christopher Martinez reports on the Covid-19 bills making their way through Congress right now.

0:15 – The Apple Fire is raging in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, forcing over 7,000 evacuations. We talk with Daron Wyatt, a public information officer with an interagency team responding to the fire.

0:21 – ICE plans to hold a “citizens academy” in Chicago to teach the public to help the agency with deportations and arrests of immigrants, sparking outrage and even a flood of fake applications by objectors intended to derail the event. Kate Iida reports.

0:34 – Evictions have continued in Imperial County unlawfully, says an investigation by Matt Levin for CalMatters. We’re also joined by Adriane Bracciale, directing attorney at the El Centro office of California Rural Legal Assistance, to discuss the possible coming wave of evictions on August 14 and what tenants can do when they receive an eviction notice. Her answer? Before moving out, contact a tenants’ rights attorney or legal aid.

1:08 – Advocates are sounding the alarm of a potentially massive outbreak of Covid-19 in the Mesa Verde ICE detention center, run by for-profit incarceration company GEO Group, in Bakersfield, California. Deyci Carrillo Lopez and Susan Beaty join us from Centro Legal de la Raza.

1:35 – For the second time in two years, Border Patrol has conducted a heavily militarized raid on a humanitarian aid site run by No More Deaths, the relief group providing assistance to migrants who travel through deadly conditions in the Sonoran desert. Dr. Sara Vazquez is a family physician in Tucson, Arizona and a volunteer with No More Deaths, which provides humanitarian assistance in the areas where migrants cross the U.S.-Mexico border — she joins us to discuss the cruelty of U.S. immigration policy.