Afghanistan: The US’ longest-running war has come to an end; Plus, 50th anniversary of George Jackson assassination


On today’s show:

0:08 – The United States’ longest-running war has come to an end. The last military evacuation flights left the capital of Afghanistan hours before an August 31st deadline and 20-years after the U.S. led invasion that toppled the Taliban from power. Christopher Martinez reports. Plus, Cat speaks with Phylllis Bennis (@PhyllisBennis), author of Ending the U.S. War in Afghanistan and BEFORE & AFTER: U.S. Foreign Policy & the War on Terror.

0:33 – Saturday marked a day of international protests in support of the people of Afghanistan, including in San Francisco, where protestors, organized by the United Afghan Association and led mostly by college students, marched through the city. Pacifica’s Katherine Monahan reports. Plus, Fred Acebo, cofounder of Be 4 Change, discusses BIPOC hospitality professionals working to make change in the hospitality industry.

1:08 – Continuing our commemoration of Black August, we speak with Claude Marks, a former political prisoner and co-director and cofounder of the Freedom Archives. Their new project, 99 Books, commemorates George Jackson’s life 50 years after his assassination.

1:33 – David K Randall, senior reporter at Reuters, discusses his latest book: Black Death at the Golden Gate: The Race to Save America from the Bubonic Plague.


Photo: US Soliders depart Forward Operating Base Baylough, Afghanistan

Photo Credit: Staff Sgt. William Tremblay Credit: 1st Battalion 4th Infantry Regim



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