Who is Larry Elder? Plus: A History of Native California

0:08 Damon B. Akins, professor of history at Guilford College, co-author of We are the Land: A History of Native California

1:08 Ben Christopher covers California elections and politics for the nonprofit newsroom Calmatters, and recently profiled the top-polling replacement candidate on the recall ballot, conservative talk-radio host Larry Elder. 

1:33 Rhonda Pagnozzi is the Lead Curator of Mothership: Voyage Into Afrofuturism at the Oakland Museum of California

1:46 Veena Dubal, law professor at UC Hastings, organized a law professors’ brief in the lawsuit that led to Proposition 22 being ruled unconstitutional by Alameda County Superior Court Judge Frank Roesch. 

photo: Joel Durkee via Unsplash

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