Arab American Studies is on the chopping block in California curriculum; Plus, a pediatric infectious disease expert takes questions on Covid-19 and children

Image from savearabamericanstudies.org.

On this show:

0:08 – How is Covid-19 affecting kids of different age groups? We take your calls with Dr. Bonnie Maldonado, a professor of pediatrics and Health Research and Policy at the Stanford School of Medicine. Some of her takeaways: We still don’t know if children are less likely to be infected, children can be infected and can get sick, universal testing wouldn’t prevent an outbreak in schools, masks aren’t shown to be harmful for children over 2, encourage good hand-washing.

0:34 – Chamuco Cortez (@chamuco510), born and raised in Oakland, has been tattooing for 17 years all over the Bay Area. Chamuco is known for his black and grey, Aztec and portrait tattoos, and incorporating ancestor worship in the tattoo process. He and local artist, Amy George Cortez run Amor Eterno Arte, an art gallery + tattoo studio in East Oakland, dedicated to providing a safe space for folks to experience art, create and express themselves. We air an extended interview with him from before the pandemic and speak with him live about how Covid is affecting the tattoo industry.

1:08 – After-school programs have turned remote during Covid-19 times, including Youth Together, an organization providing youth programming and leadership development for East Bay students organizing in their schools. Their staff have begun helping students organize campaigns digitally and are reaching for new ways to connect students online for social justice. We talk with executive director Tony Douangviseth.

1:18 – Advocates are sounding the alarm that Arab studies and Pacific Islander studies are being removed from California’s Ethnic Studies curriculum, as right-wing pro-Israel groups lobby state officials to keep Israeli occupation and Palestinian history out of schoolbooks. We talk with Yahya Cadji, a member of Arab Resource and Organizing Center, an OUSD teacher and one of the media spokespeople of the campaign to save the California Ethnic Studies curriculum. The Instructional Quality Commission of the California Department of Education (CDE) is meeting today. Find out more at savearabamericanstudies.org.

1:33 – We turn to the second installment in a series on sex and technology, produced by Bee Soll (@bee_soll), a recent intern for UpFront and UC Berkeley graduate. Bee spoke with Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist who studies love, marriage and attachment. This conversation was recorded in February.