Al Aqsa mosque raided; Stanford nurses to strike; SF special election; Plus, it’s 4/20

Supervisor Matt Haney has won San Francisco’s special election for Assembly District 17 | Haney

0:08 – Israeli police stormed the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem on Friday while muslims were praying in the holy space during Ramadan, injuring 170 people, arresting more than 400. They said they were responding to rocks being thrown. Khury Petersen-Smith (@kpyes) researches U.S. empire, borders, and migration as the Michael Ratner Middle East Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, and speaks with us about what happened, the general escalation, and the religious context for the place of worship.

0:33 – Nurses in the Stanford healthcare system are preparing to go on strike next Monday, and the employer has made the unusual threat of removing healthcare benefits. We are joined by Kathy Stormberg who is the Vice President of the Committee for Recognition of Nursing Achievement, which is the union name. She is also is a Registered Nurse in the Radiology Department at Stanford Hospital.

0:43 – Founder and director of the Alliance for Felix Cove, Theresa Harlan (@theresaharlan6) is dedicated to celebrating her Coast Miwok family’s life at Tomales Bay. She joins us to discuss her recent LA Times piece, “How a national park can honor Coast Miwok ancestors and their living descendants.”

1:08 – It is April 20th – 4/20 – a day that the marijuana has chosen as a holiday. About three quarters of weed that is bought and sold in California still comes from the black market. We are joined by Robin Goldstein, Director of the Cannabis Economics Group at UC Davis, and Dan Sumner, a distinguished professor of agricultural and resource economics at UC Davis. They’ve co-authored the forthcoming book, Can Legal Weed Win? The Blunt Realities of Cannabis Economics.

1:34 – Yesterday’s special election in San Francisco saw a decisive win for Matt Haney as the representative of Assembly District 17. We are joined by Joe Eskanazi (@EskSF), managing editor and columnist at Mission Local, as well as Will Jarrett (@willjarrettdata), a data reporter for Mission Local who has been on the city’s redistricting beat.