What the PRO Act would mean for labor organizing and workers’ rights; Plus: Radio B’alam is bringing Mam language and culture to the airwaves; and mutual aid spotlight: CALMA

0:08 – The PRO Act just passed the House, and would provide major support for workers’ organizing efforts

Kent Wong is the director of the UCLA Labor Center and a vice president of the California Federation of Teachers.

0:25 – KPFA News: Heading next to Minneapolis, we wanted to bring you an update in the trial over George Floyd’s death. Prosecutors in the trial of former officer Derek Chauvin yesterday called police and medical responders to testify on what they saw when they responded to emergency calls in case of the death of George Floyd. Much of the testimony centered around whether Chauvin should have taken his knee off George Floyd’s neck once he was handcuffed and not responding. Prosecutors also worked to refute the defense’s argument that Floyd’s death was caused in part by drugs and not Chauvin’s actions. Christopher Martinez filed this report.

0:34 – Mutual Aid spotlight: CALMA

Karla Penuela and Isa Garcia are organizers with CALMA, Collective action for laborers, migrants and asylum seekers. Their website is CALMAofficial.org. 

0:48 – New streaming Mam radio program Radio B’alam

Henry Sales is an indigenous language educator in Oakland and cofounder of Radio B’alam, a new streaming Mam radio program in the Bay Area.

Hosted by Ariel Boone (@arielboone), in for Jeannine Etter.


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