The Herbal Highway

Voices of Resilience – Part Two – December 15, 2020

Join Renée Camila as she hosts a chorus of voices speaking to resilience. We asked our colleagues to share their thoughts on plants and resilience and bring them together for you to listen to and be inspired by. This is part two of two parts. Fund drive. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

A big THANK YOU to Emiliano Lemus for handling the audio! We could not have done this without you.

Voices of Resilience:

Pua Owan

Kathleen Aspenns

Claire Chuck Bohman

Antonia Estela Pérez Rojas

Bonnie Rose Weaver

Karyn Sanders

Phyllis D. Light

Rachel Burgos

Sam Raridon

Mary Ayodele

Violet Thorns

Samantha Ray Roberts

Lizanne Deliz

Kara Sigler



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