The Herbal Highway

Digest: Mind, Mouth and Stomach – August 8, 2023

Join Sarah Holmes @blueotterschool for the first episode of her series on digestion. Learn more about how your body works and the herbs to support us when our bodies aren’t working so well. In this week’s episode, Sarah focuses on mouth and stomach health as well as how the mind and nervous system play a part. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @theherbalhighway.

Photo by Anna Pelzer on Unsplash


Artist Song Album Label
Sound ProvidersIt's Gonna BeeAn Evening With The Sound Providers
Ayub OgadaKothbiroThe Constant GardenerHigher Octave
John Coltrane,Duke EllingtonIn a Sentimental MoodKen Burns Jazz-The Story Of America's MusicColumbia/Legacy
Mr. ScruffCheekyKeep It UnrealMERLIN - Ninja Tune