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Crisis Stabilization and Resilience Part 1: “Holding Eachother is a Survival Skill”

[ This is Part 1.  Part 2 of this conversation can be found in the Talk It Out Radio archives HERE ]

Host Timothy Regan welcomes Amie Leigh to help us answer this question:

“How do I support someone in their moment of dire distress and overwhelm in an effective way for their wellbeing? In particular, during or after a disaster?”

We present basic and foundational principles, as well as “what to say and do” as our answer to this question.

If you have wanted to be there in a healing way for someone who is in deep distress as a result of disaster, and you have not known what to do or say, this episode is for you.

Amie Leigh is Founder and CEO of Capacity Path, which provides trainings and consultations and direct service to help humans restore mental and emotional balance during and soon after disaster strikes.  She is also the Clinical Director for the Florida State Emergency Response Team for Mental Health.