Pushing Limits

Katie Sellergren & Tara Ayres – Pushing Limits – March 31, 2023

Katie Sellergren




We talk to Katie Sellergren, a fellow at Paul K. Longmore Institute on Disability.  Named for the late author, professor, and disability rights advocate, Paul Longmore, the Institute hosts lectures and events, including Superfast, the largest disability film festival in the world.





Tara Ayres. Photo by Corbett O’Toole






We also talk with Tara Ayres. an activist with a disability who helps to organize the Oakland women’s march. She talks about her experiences working with left–wing activists who don’t identify as disabled in her continuing effort to make social justice movements inclusive and accessible.

Produced and scripted by Jacob Lesnor-Buxton and Mark Romoser.  Interviews by Jacob Lesnor-Buxton and Josh Elwood.  Hosted by Mark Romoser.