Point of Departure

Point of Departure – November 21, 2020

Timeless music “sometimes conveniently described as jazz.” Hosted by Horace Mansfield Jr.


Art TaylorFidelTaylor's TenorsStardust Records
Charlie RouseNovember AfternoonSoul MatesUPTOWN JAZZ
Charlie RouseBohemia After DarkSoul MatesUPTOWN JAZZ
James NewtonIsmeneJames NewtonGramavision Records
Sahib ShihabLillemorSummer DawnSchema Rearward
Joe BonnerGetting You Off My MindTwo & OneSteepleChase
Joe BonnerPassion DanceThe Art Of Jazz PianoBlack Orchid Music
Joe BonnerParadeThe LayoutExodus
Joe Bonner,Khan Jamal,Jesper Lundgaard,Leroy LoweChocolateSuite for ChocolateSteepleChase
Andrew White|Carl Grubbs|James Carter|Julius Hemphill|Marty Ehrlich|Sam FurnaceAnchormanFat Man And The Hard BluesBlack Saint
Marty EhrlichInkThe Julius Hemphill Sextet: At Dr.King's TableNew World Records
Marty EhrlichJiJi TuneThe Julius Hemphill Sextet: At Dr.King's TableNEW WORLD RECORDS
The Julius Hemphill SextetBand ThemeThe Hard Blues : Live in LisbonClean Feed
Shamie RoystonHealing HymnPortraitsShamie Royston
Chick CoreaNoon SongPiano Improvisations Vol1ECM
Shamie RoystonAscensionPortraitsShamie Royston
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