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The Promise and Peril of Geoengineering

As we head into a ever warming world, some experts and politicians are embracing a possible solution to climate change called geoengineering. Theoretically geoengineering could slow down climate change, stop it, and maybe even remove carbon from the air. It sounds like the perfect answer in for a global political system that just can’t stop burning fossil fuels even if it kills us all. However, it might not be the easy fix we’re hoping for.

We talk to scientists and activists about what geoengineering is and why it could actually be a dangerous way to tackle climate change. We also dive into the moral and ethical questions of testing geoengineering technology on indigenous lands.


Basav Sen, Climate Justice Project Director at the Institute for Policy Studies
Dr. Steven Zornetzer, Vice-Chair, Governing Board of Arctic Ice Project
Panganga Pungowiyi, organizer for the nonprofit Indigenous Environmental Network in Alaska



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