Making Contact

70 Million: Grand Juries, The Black Box of Justice Reform? – Making Contact – May 12, 2023

Grand juries are supposed to safeguard against the government charging people with a crime when it lacks sufficient evidence. But because prosecutors control what happens in grand jury proceedings, they almost always get an indictment. That is, unless the accused is a police officer. This week on Making Contact, we hear a story from our podcast partner 70 Million about a case of police brutality in Dallas that evaporated after going before a grand jury in an edited version of  “Grand Juries, The Black Box of Justice Reform?”


  • Parker Nevilles, Jantzen Verastique, Dondi Morse – protestors targeted by police
  • Ric Simmons, Professor, The Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law
  • Roger Rudloff, police officer
  • Unidentified Police Officer
  • David Henderson, civil rights attorney


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