Making Contact

Denial of the Funk: The Impact of Racism on our Nation’s Health

The problem in America is, America’s been in denial about its problems. And that’s a problem.

America doesn’t have a race problem, in reality we’ve had catastrophes visited on Black people. Catastrophes visited on Indigenous brothers and sisters. Catastrophes visited on Latino brothers and sisters. Catastrophes visited on working people. Catastrophes visited on women of all colors. We can go on and on.

This week on Making Contact, we bring you a talk from noted author, scholar, and self-described intellectual freedom fighter, Dr. Cornel West speaking at the Guild Theater in Sacramento, California in 2023. In his discussion, West uses America’s music legacy as a way to explore catastrophic conditions brought on by our denial of the funk, seen through the impacts of racism on the nation’s health.



Artist Song Album Label
The WinksWoolongongBirthday PartyORCHARD - Ache Records
Quiet OrchestraMy FriendsQuiet OrchestraORCHARD - vosotros
The WinksHope SoBirthday PartyORCHARD - Ache Records
Blue Dot SessionsBedrollZanderBlue Dot Studios
Diz BeatsBack ThenLebanon Don Take 3Diz Beats
Whymen GrindinTuxedo MuzicGrindin Beats Vol. 3ORCHARD - Whymen-Grindin