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Journalist Uncovers Rampant Sexual Abuse in Bay Area Schools; Plus, Challenging a Murder Conviction in Alameda County

Fifty-two Bay Area schools are facing lawsuits from former students who say they were sexually abused by a teacher and the school administration and district did nothing to protect them. We are joined by Sophia Bollag, a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, who published three investigative pieces this week, uncovering the depth of sexual abuse scandals in Bay Area schools.

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Then, twelve years ago, Oakland native Pierre Rushing was arrested, tried and convicted for a murder he claims he did not commit. Since then, there has been an ongoing campaign to bring him home. Those chances were slim to none with the former DA Nancy O’Malley but now with a new progressive in the seat who has promised to right the wrongs of the criminal legal system, could that mean Pierre is coming home? Joining us to discuss is Pierre’s attorney Jordan Grtozinger.

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Our Resistance in Residence Artist this week is culturally innovative artist and filmmaker Shaka Jamal.

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