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Potential armed intervention in Haiti w/ Mamyrah Dougé-Prosper & Frantz Jerome

Haiti is in ever-increasing crisis with fuel ports blocked by local gang leaders, escalating levels of violence including the sexual assault of girls, women and, elders and a widespread cholera outbreak. In this episode we discuss the state of things as well as the path forward and why the potential UN/US intervention may not be the way to go … again.

We are joined by Mamyrah Dougé-Prosper, professor of global and international studies at University of California, Irvine. She specializes in research on social movements in the Caribbean and Latin America – particularly Black and Haitian social movements. She is also the International Coordinator for the Pan-African Solidarity Network with Community Movement Builders in the United States.

We are also joined by Frantz Jerome, a long time Haitian human rights activist, living in Florida.


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photo: Joel Rivera-Camacho via Unsplash