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Oakland Mayor Proposes New Budget; Major Flood Risk for Central Valley Towns; Plus, Resistance in Residence Artist Tama Brisbane

First, Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao has released her first budget plan for the city. Joining us to discuss is Rev. Jeremy J. McCants, a Faith Rooted Organizer for East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy (EBASE), an organization committed to fighting for equitable and economic power in the Bay Area; as well as a minister at the historic Allen Temple Baptist Church in Oakland. Also joining the conversation is James Burch, Policy Director for the Anti Police-Terror Project, an organization that seeks to end police violence in Black and Brown communities.

Then, Sierra snowmelt is threatening significant floods in a Central Valley county that houses a prison and massive agricultural industry, which are all at risk from the flood threat. The current levee system in Corcoran is not up to par, and unease is setting in as fears of flooding could bring intense impacts to communities. Joining us to discuss is Kurtis Alexander, a reporter for The San Francisco Chronicle, where he frequently writes about water, impacts of drought, threats to public lands and wildlife, and the nation’s widening rural-urban divide. Also joining us is Dorsey Nunn, is the executive director of Legal Services for Prisoners with Children and founder of that organization’s policy advocacy arm All Of Us Or None.

Back in San Francisco, a city official has on numerous occasions attacked homeless people, and the story only came out after one of the people he attacked hit back in self defense. Joining us to discuss is Jennifer Friedenbach, the Executive Director of the San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness.

This week’s Resistance in Residence Artist is Stockton Poet Laureate Tama Brisbane.
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