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Law & Disorder’s Palestine Post; Plus, Resistance in Residence Artist AeJay Mitchell

Is the U.S. culpable of the war crimes being committed by Israel against the Palestinian people?

Khury Petersen-Smith, Michael Ratner Middle East Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies says, “If the U.S. actually said, ‘We’re going to stop the flow of weapons to Israel,’ that is the one thing that I think could lead to an Israeli deescalation across the board—in Gaza, in Lebanon and in Jerusalem. Short of that, I think that they essentially have the green light in Washington to do whatever they want.”

Khury Petersen-Smith is a recurring guest on Law and Disorder’s Palestine Post. He researches U.S. empire, borders, and migration.

This episodes features a song by Artelia Green and the Bandanas, Fire In Me. You can learn more and follow them on their website at

Our own producer, Jesse Strauss, is in this band, and Artelia Green is releasing a brand new album with a concert on this Wednesday evening at the Guild Theater in Menlo Park. Find out more and buy tickets at

This week’s Resistance in Residence Artist multi-hyphenated performance artist, scholar, educator and activist, AeJay Mitchell.

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