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Anti-Trans and Anti-Abortion Legislation Flourishes Nationally; Plus, Angela Wellman is our Resistance in Residence Artist

We start this hour with a round up the legislative attacks on our transgender community members around the nation with Adam Rhodes, a queer, first-generation Cuban American journalist whose journalism focuses on public policy, the justice system, and our nation’s most vulnerable people. His latest piece for the Appeal is called Anti-Trans Bills Flood States in ‘Centrally Coordinated’ Attack on Transgender Existence. We’re also joined by Imani Gandy, who says the anti-trans legislative movement is taking its cues straight out of the anti-abortion movement, and to give us a round up of anti-abortion legislation in our post-Roe country. Imani Gandy is Senior Editor of Law and Policy for Rewire News Group. She also co-hosts the podcast Boom! Lawyered.

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Our Resistance in Residence Artist this week is award-winning scholar, music educator and activist Angela Wellman. Angela is also the founder of the Oakland Public Conservatory of Music.

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