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A New Artifact of the Palestinian Resistance; Plus Resistance in Residence Artist Cady Voge

The Palestinian Youth Movement has published the first English edition of Wisam Rafeedie’s novel, “The Trinity of Fundamentals“. The book is an artifact of Palestinian resistance, both in its content and the story of how it came to be. Wisam Rafeedie was a Palestinian political prisoner held in an Israeli prison after being captured by the Israeli Occupation Forces in 1991. In 1993, he wrote the novel during his imprisonment in 1993, by secretly hand-writing and distributing excerpts of it through a clandestine system of circulation established by the prisoners, which moved materials and information across cells. Various sections were transferred via pieces of bread dough or pill capsules that were thrown across cells. Eventually, his attempts to smuggle his novel out of the prison through this method was thwarted by the interception of the prison guards who subsequently confiscated it the year it was completed – or so he thought. Later, Rafeedie found that pieces of his book had been assembled by Palestinian resistance organizers and distributed to some Palestinian communities.

After a years-long of effort to bring the book to an English speaking Palestinian diasporic audience, the Palestinian Youth Movement and 1804 Books have published the book in English. We are joined to discuss the book and its story by Danya Al-Saleh, a member of the Palestinian Youth Movement based in Seattle, and an editor of the English translation of the book The Trinity of Fundamentals“.

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A brand new report on the state of Hindu nationalism calls out the violence of the Hindu supremacist political movement both within India, but also with a stronghold among conservative Hindus in the US who have built close allied relationships with famed white supremacists like, for example, Steve Bannon, who is an honorary chairman of the Republican Hindu Coalition. That report is called “The Global VHP’s Trail of Violence,” published by SAVERA, which is a multiracial, interfaith, anti-caste coalition of Indian Americans and partners, standing together in the fight against the rise of the transnational far right. Today we’re in conversation with the editor of that report, Safa Ahmed, who is the Associate Director of Media & Communications with the Indian American Muslim Council.

Take a look at the SAVERA’s report:

This week’s Resistance in Residence Artist is character-driven vérité storyteller, documentary filmmaker and journalist Cady Voge.

Cady Voge’s brand new documentary All We Carry will celebrate a Bay Area premier on February 25th in San Francisco. More info here:

Check out Cady Voge’s website:

This show also features a poem written and read by Lubna, a Bay Area Palestinian activist. The poem is titled “In The Absence of Homeland.”

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