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San Francisco to vote on authorizing killer robots; $3.5m redistributed for Black self determination; Plus, Resistance in Residence

On today’s show, we discuss San Francisco’s proposal to authorize SFPD to use killer robots, going before a final vote by the Board of Supervisors on December 6. We’re joined by Dean Preston, San Francisco Supervisor for District 5.

We hear “Blacktivist,” by Oakland-based actor, hip hop artist, filmmaker, and member of the Community Ready Corps security team, Denmark Peoples. Last month he was featured as one of our Resistance in Residence artists, and you can hear our interview with him on our podcast, which you can find by searching for ‘Law & Disorder w/ Cat Brooks’ wherever you stream podcasts.

Check out Denmark Peoples’ music here:

We continue with good news: the Anti-Police Terror Project redistributed $3.5 million to Black-led organizations and families – we speak with the folks that helped make that happen. Rahel Mekdim Teka and Asia Alman are community organizers and project managers of the Radical Redistribution Fund.

We end with Resistance in Residence – our featured artist this week is Rashida Chase, a West Oakland native, vocalist, and culture|education|wellness advocate who believes that music is a healing force and a unifier of people. She’s a member of house music vocal ensemble Moon Candy, and a part of the KPFA family.

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