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Lessons from Assata Shakur w/ Donna Murch; Plus, Resistance in Residence Artist Tina D’Elia

Black Panther and Cuban exile Assata Shakur has inspired generations of radical protest, including the contemporary movement for Black lives. Our guest today is Donna Murch, author of Assata Taught Me: State Violence, Racial Capitalism, and the Movement for Black Lives. Drawing its title from one of America’s foremost revolutionaries, this collection of thought-provoking essays by award-winning Panther scholar Donna Murch explores how social protest is challenging our current system of state violence and mass incarceration. Murch frames the contemporary movement in relation to earlier struggles for Black Liberation, while excavating the origins of mass incarceration and the political economy that drives it.

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Our Resistance in Residence artist this week is Tina D’Elia, a mixed-race Mexican, lesbian/queer-identified feminist artist, performance coach, acting instructor, actor, and award-winning solo performer.

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