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Anti-Imperialist Struggle Makes Us Human w/ Vijay Prashad

As the Soviet Union came crashing down, Francis Fukuyama declared what he called the end of history in 1994, imagining that capitalism had won out – socialism had failed – and that global governing formations would sit within capitalist democratic values from there on. This “end of history” theory has been challenged by many, including Fukuyama himself much more recently.

Our guest today is a historian and a scholar who thinks of history – not in linear form, not in cyclical form, and certainly not in a form that has an ending. He says that history zigs and zags, where we consider failed historic movements as experiments that didn’t quite go right, as opposed to failures. More important than failure or success, the point here is that the struggle itself is a learning process and a humanizing one.

For that reason, the book that we’ll be discussing is called Struggle Makes Us Human with historian, author, and Executive Director of the Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research, Vijay Prashad.

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