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Vocal Theater Part 2: Diamonds and Bullets; Plus, Resistance in Residence Artist Leelee Jackson

On today’s show, we share Part 2 of Diamonds and Bullets, an all vocal theatrical experience produced by Oakland-based arts and consulting company Edutainment for Equity, to provoke greater understanding and empathy for the statement “Black Lives Matter”.  It features music of Bay Area Hip Hop Vocal Ensemble Antique Naked Soul, headed by songwriter and activist Candice Antique Davis and Grammy Award Winning Artist MC Soulati aka Tommy Shepherd. The script was written by scholar, artist and activist Hodari Davis, and our own host of Law and Disorder Cat Brooks. The play features Cat and Candice in lead roles as Diamond, and actor Michael Houston as her lover, friend and inspiration. This musical theater experience was created with support from the City of Oakland Office of Cultural Affairs and the Zellerbach Family Foundation. This is the first time Diamond and Bullets is appearing on the Radio. For more information you can visit

Then, we go to Columbus, Ohio, where the community has been in uproar over the police killing of Ta’Kiya Young, who was shot by officers while driving after being accused of stealing alcohol from a grocery store. She was pregnant at the time she was killed, and she leaves behind two children. We speak with Ramon Obey, Executive Director of Justice, Unity, & Social Transformation (or JUST) in Columbus, Ohio, and lead organizer of the People’s Justice Project.

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This week’s Resistance in Residence Artist is playwright Leelee Jackson, who writes postmodern narratives of the African diaspora. Her play Comb Your Hair (Or You’ll Look Like a Slave) was featured earlier this month at BAMBDFEST.

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