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State Terror Roundup; Month of Action for Housing as a Human Right; Playwrights Festival Begins

We start today’s show with our recurring segment, the State Terror Roundup.

Yesterday, residents from Oakland’s Wood Streets Common and their organizational allies held a press conference announcing a month of Housing is a Human Right organizing and actions. Joining us to discuss are Talya Husbands-Hankin, the founder of Love and Justice in the Streets along with John Janosko, former Wood street encampment resident.

The Playwrights Foundation 46th Playwrights Festival is beginning at the Magic Theater at the Fort Mason in San Francisco, from April 12th to April 21st. The centerpiece of the festival are readings from four resident playwrights with the Playwrights Foundation along with workshops, parties and a meet and greet as well as a bit of reading with the new Playwrights Foundation Resident Playwright Cohort – which includes our host Cat Brooks. Joining us to discuss are Jason Tseng, a queer, non-binary Chinese-American playwright with roots in New York City and Washington D.C. Their play with the Playwrights Festival is called Fear & Wonder, a play in which two boys of color navigate a Christian summer camp together in the early 2000s. Also joining us is Aidaa Peerzada, a writer and performer whose background as the descendant of two artists from different cultural traditions – an African American and First Generation American Pakistani – is at the heart of her artistic practice. Her play with the Playwrights Festival is called Children of the Wise, in which the main character visits her familial homeland, now Pakistan, and confronts the legacy of her grandfather’s anti-colonial activism during the British-ruled subcontinent a century earlier.

This week’s Resistance in Residence Artist is Bay Area theater director and producer as well as the Artistic Director of the Playwrights Foundation, Jessica Bird Beza.

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