International Women's Day

IWD 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM SWANA Radio – Transnational Feminism

Pacifica KPFK’s SWANA Region Radio is excited to partner with sister station, KPFA, in honor of International Women’s History Month.

In honor of International Women’s History Month, we are excited to share with listeners a special on women and feminist issues from the region including Palestine, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kurdistan and Rojava. In our first show as part of this special programming, we discuss the role of women in revolution and feminist icons in Palestine, Iran, and Afghanistan. To explore this topic, we are joined by Jennifer Moghannam, Anila Daulatzai, and Alborz Ghandehari. In our second show, SWANA Region Radio collective member Nyma Ardalan explores Rojava and Occupied Afrin and how women are treated under the Turkish state’s rule as well as the role of women in the Iranian revolution with guest Sonia Karimi. While these shows are by no means a comprehensive overview of the important work on the ground in the region, this is an invitation to listeners to further engage with SWANA Region Radio, to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and connect with our guests.

This special is brought to you by SWANA Region Radio collective members Rana Sharif, Nyma Ardalan, Ankine Antaram, David Lloyd, Hammoud Salhi, and Soraya Zarook.