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IWD 5:30 PM-6:00 PM Sylvie Sturm: When Judges Dismiss Claims of Domestic Abuse

When judges dismiss claims of domestic abuse, children can pay the ultimate price

Family court judges sometimes decide that domestic abuse claims are not credible. But making the wrong call can end with children paying the ultimate price. Studies have shown in 20 to 30% of domestic homicide cases, there are no prior physical acts of violence. This is the second episode in a series about the way family courts adjudicate cases that involve a form of domestic abuse known as coercive control, and how advocates and lawmakers are trying to help victims and their children. Read the text article associated with this episode of “Civic” from the San Francisco Public Press: “When Judges Dismiss Claims of Domestic Abuse, Children Can Die.”

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  • In custody cases, family court judges make decisions that impact the children. And sometimes, in cases where claims of abuse are dismissed, children die. In this episode, we hear about 2 tragic cases and discuss efforts to prevent future deaths at the hands of abusers.
  • When judges dismiss claims of domestic abuse, the results can be tragic, especially when children are involved. On this episode of “Civic,” survivors share their stories, and we discuss legislation to protect the most vulnerable.