It's Going Down

Digging in with Partisan Gardens

This week on It’s Going Down, we get squatted by Partisan Gardens, who gives us a deep dive on the Earthbound Farmer’s Almanac, which we have explored on a previous show. On today’s episode:

Today’s crisis has roots in the earliest moments of land theft against native peoples, a process that has continued alongside hundreds of years of slavery and colonization. The way forward out of this mess, will mean grappling with past wrongs as well as charting a new course guided by black and indigenous knowledge, creative experimentation in food production and paying attention across generational and species divides.”

So for today’s episode we’re taking you on an audio tour of the almanac – less like an audio book and more of an interpretation and an exploration based on the almanac. We’ll bake a dessert recipe from the Almanac, talk with some of the farmers about the pieces they wrote for it, hear the writers reading their own words, learn about the Louisiana Lumber War, and more.

photo: Alain Ernst via Unsplash


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