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#FilipinosFeedTheFrontline and #CancelRent Festival

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We speak with Desi Danganan about the work of #FilipinosFeedTheFrontline, an alliance of Filipino food businesses and like-minded individuals and organizations that have come together to provide meals to heal their community. We also speak with two Bay Area artists Raw G (Gina Madrid) and Equipto about #CancelRent Festival.



#CancelRent Festival   bit.ly/cancelrentfest  

Originating in Harlem during the 1920’s, rent parties were a means for Black tenants to eat, dance, and get away from everyday hardship and discrimination. Rent parties were part of a solution to a growing housing crisis caused by swelling urban populations, which landlords responded to by raising formerly affordable rents.

Now, with the coronavirus crisis, many people are stuck between staying healthy or staying housed. With the loss of their incomes, many may not be able to make rent on April 1st, May 1st or June 1st. They’re envisioning a future beyond recovery and calling to #CancelRent #CancelMortgages and guarantee #HomesForAll!

Every week day at 9pm ET/6pm PT and weekends at 5pm ET/2pm PT on Youtube Live (bit.ly/cancelrentfest) talented and notable acts present their demands while offering worthwhile EDutainment!

Desi Danganan (Dang-ahn-ahn)
Desi is a serial entrepreneur. As the managing director of Plinth Agency, he has successfully grown businesses through strategic branding, design, and crowdfunding. He brings 15+ years of experience creating, funding, and branding unique business concepts which span the food, music, technology spaces.

Raw-G Born and raised in Gaudalajara Mexico. She brings her own distinct cross-cultural, multi-lingual, politically charged Hip-Hop to the Bay Area music scene captivating audiences with her passionate and aggressive performances.

Equipto – San Francisco’s Ilyich Yasuchi Sato—perhaps better known by his rap alias Equipto—continues to make it his duty to stand up for what he believes in. His activism has landed him in handcuffs and local headlines, and has also made him a prominent figure in the struggle for equality among the Black and Brown community in San Francisco.


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