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Clergy Members Discuss The Role of Church During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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We speak with 3 Bay Area clergy members about the launch a national public information campaign entitled #ItsLoveNotTheLaw to encourage pastors and congregations to remain sheltered in place. We discuss the conflicting opinions pertaining to a way forward during Covid-19, and the particular concerns of congregations in desperate need of physical, spiritual, financial, informational and emotional support during the pandemic.

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Word Assembly Churches’ Bishop Keith Clark “People are infinitely more important to God than the buildings where we gather. And they must be important to we who represent God. Love demands we protect those who we pastor, that’s why we wait.”

The Way Berkeley and national leader of Black Church PAC, Pastor Michael McBride W”e reject the notion that the church is closed because we can’t meet in a building. It is reckless and unwise to rush vulnerable populations into large gatherings while Covid-19 is still ravaging our communities. We implore you, stay safe and stay home.”

Allen Temple Baptist Church’s Pastor Jackie Thompson “Love fulfills the law and does no harm to its neighbor, so we remain sheltered in place, full of faith.”

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