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Trinity Hip Hop Festival

We discuss the importance of the international Hip Hop community with speakers Adyanna Odom, Renita Washington and Hip Hop artist Bocafloja.

Trinity Hip Hop Festival 


Adyanna Odom – Trinity College Hartford
Bocafloja – Aldo Villegas (born 12 July 1978), better known by his stage name Bocafloja, is a rapper, poet, spoken word artist, and outspoken social communicator from Mexico City, Mexico. Bocafloja began his musical career in the mid-1990s with the groups Lifestyle (1996–1998) and Microphonk (1999).
Renita Washington – Academic Advising Manager


dead prezPolice StateLet's Get FreeEpic
Bocafloja;Sa-Roc;Veronica RuizAdentro (feat. Sa-Roc & Veronica Ruiz)CanicularQuilomboarte
Bocafloja;Ornella DRadar (feat. Ornella D)CanicularQuilomboarte
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