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In Conversation with Lowkey

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Davey D speak with Lowkey, a British rapper and activist from in London, England. With his own unique take on racism, war, and global political issues, rapper and activist (and member of several supergroups) Lowkey has emerged as one of the British hip-hop scene’s most outspoken artists. Born Kareem Dennis in London in 1986 to an Iraqi mother and English father, he first started rapping at the age of 12 and, after competing at various open-mike sessions on Carnaby Street, won an MC battle to earn the name of Lowkey.

Recently, Lowkey has become the target of a coordinated smear campaign to demonize, defame and deplatform him. It is thought that organized groups forced the University of Cambridge Palestine Solidarity Society to postpone his lecture and were able to stop his appearance at the National Union of Students in Liverpool.

And a campaign by lobby group “We Believe in Israel” is demanding that his content be removed from music streaming service Spotify. Which is clearly a form of censorship.

The campaign against Lowkey is designed to silence Palestinians and their supporters. Anti-Palestinian censorship is now reaching into the artistic realm. In today’s conversation Davey D speak with Lowkey about his political beliefs, his music and the threat to censor him.

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Artist Song Album Label
LowkeyObama NationSoundtrack to the Struggle...BELIEVE - Mesopotamia Music
LowkeyNeoliberalism Kills PeopleSoundtrack to the Struggle 2BELIEVE - Mesopotamia Music
Lowkey,Maverick Sabre,Frankie Boyle,Ken Loach,Chakabars,Khaled Siddiq,Mai KhalilLong Live Palestine 3Soundtrack to the Struggle 2BELIEVE - Mesopotamia Music
MONDO GROSSOIntermezzo SunNext Wave (Next Wave)