Full Circle

Full Circle – November 18, 2022 – Remembering Timothy & the Horrors of Lynching

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Your cultural affairs radio magazine, produced by members and graduates of the First Voice Apprenticeship Program right here in Huichin, in that part of occupied Ohlone Territory known as Berkeley, California.

This week on Full Circle we’ll be diving back into the lynching case of Timothy Charles Lee at the Concord BART station in 1985…

We’ll hear…

  • Voices of the community that gathered in Concord for the 1st Annual Memorial Walk for Timothy Charles Lee.
  • Testimony from Kiku Johnson, the now former Executive Director of the Rainbow Community Center in Concord .
  • We’ll also hear a brief history of lynching in the United States by First Voice graduate Rod Akil and L.A. based artist Ken Gonzales Day and his history of lynchings in California by Shiloh B.
  • We’ll also meet San Francisco based  visual artist Maria Judice and learn how Timmy’s story has influenced her life and her work.



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