City Cat Radio

City Cat Radio – July 10, 2024

City Cat Radio, the weekly radio program of Oakland’s own DJ/Producer/Engineer DJ HENROC, is designed to celebrate plain old good music including Soul, Roots, Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Afro Beat, Funk, House and Underground Hip Hop. For nearly 25yrs, DJ HENROC has played at some the world’s premier venues and has collected music from all musical genres. The show is a great medium for DJ HENROC to play joints that he may not be able to drop in the club scene but are still gems nevertheless. His love of music has inspired many and CITY CAT RADIO is a tool to spread his love of music further into the world community.

Also hear interviews and mixes from Artists spanning the Globe to keep you up on the New, the Rare, the Classic and more…

CITY CAT RADIO is the show catch us Wednesdays 12am – 2am right here at KPFA.ORG

And you can find our podcast by searching for CITY CAT RADIO anywhere you listen to podcasts.

Plus all the socials –

IG, X and Facebook – @djhenroc



Artist Song Album Label
薛凱琪周末畫報TenaciousSun Entertainment
Keeva MakGei Zi Ji De Ming ShuGei Zi Ji De Ming ShuUniversal Music Ltd.
衛蘭難為自己ImagineUniversal Music Ltd.
許志安心血Zi Dao Zi Chuan (Xin Qu & Jing Xuan)East Asia Music (Holdings) Limited
Miriam YeungZhi Yao Wei Wo HaoMy Favourite HitsCapital Artists Music Limited
林子祥數字人生最愛WM Hong Kong
George LamShu Zi Ren ShengShu Zi Ren ShengWM Hong Kong
劉浩龍說明書說明書Media Asia Music Limited
Jayant GargMake Me HappyMake Me HappyJayant Garg
Beyond遥かなる梦に我想夺取你的唇(くちびるを夺いたい)FUN HOUSE INC.
何浏阳雄心壮志 (DJ版)日久见人心Universal EMI Entertainment Group
MC Cheung TinfuSecondary PersonalitySecondary PersonalityWM Hong Kong
Eason ChanYan WeiAdmit itCinepoly Records Co. Ltd.
Eason ChanQun Xia Zhi ChenY100+Universal Music Ltd.
何雁詩我不會撒嬌 - 劇集 "不懂撒嬌的女人" 主題曲我不會撒嬌 (劇集 "不懂撒嬌的女人" 主題曲)The Voice Entertainment Group Limited
Miriam YeungFarewell Cho MeFarewell Cho MeNon-Wea/Other
Hubert WuForgive MeCouple GetawayStars Shine International Limited
Show LoDu Yi Wu ErDu Yi Wu ErUniversal Music Taiwan
陈伟霆今天终于知道错 (Live)新城容祖儿我的女皇音乐会Universal Music
Kary NgYi Qian Ge Jia Xiang Jie JuYan XianCinepoly Records Co. Ltd.
Anita Mui逝去的愛追憶似水芳華
Blue Jeans,Yi Lian LinXia Yu TianBand Sound - Xiang Gang BAND Tan Sheng Shi Hui Yi LuUniversal Music Ltd.
鄧麗欣No One Knows沒有人知道(鄧麗欣 x Y.E.S.)Gold Typhoon Hong Kong
Dear JaneFinal EmbraceFinal EmbraceWM Hong Kong
Wilfred LauJi DeAll the BestGo East Entertainment Company Ltd
Mạch Lâm VinhAi Yu ChengAi Yu Cheng
Leo KuLove And SincerityHit New Song + ChosenGold Typhoon Hong Kong
Kelvin KwanHidden TrackHere I AmGo East Entertainment Company Ltd